“Travel Homies” NFTs are a collection of 2222 unique, randomly generated utility NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.

Introducing Travel Homies

Travel Homies are community of travelers globe-trotting while looking for great deals around the world, Homies use the Earth as their personal playground, letting their instincts dictate their adventures.


Hold a Travel Homies NFT to win a luxury, once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the BAHAMAS for up to 4 adults! and many othere raffels


Most frequent questions and answers

2222 Founders Edition Travel Homies NFTs will be minted. 1000 private sell 1100 public sell,    100 will be retained in the treasury for marketing, promotion and future funding of the program.

Mint : 25/12/2022, to stay up to date follow us on twitter and join Discord community

Mint Price : 0.2 Sol

The percentage of royalties will be 5 %, 100% of royalties received will go to community Dao Wallet

$travel will be an SPL Utility token airdropped to stake Homies NFTs, $Travel is to fuel the Homies ecosystem and its not an investment and has no economic Value

Don’t worry, join our discord and creat a ticket, we will be there to help you.


Phase 1 - Build Strong community

-Stand up discord server
-Creat Travel Homies Social
-Begin building the community
-Initial Website Design

Phase 2 NFT sale

-2222 NFT are burning up to meet the Solana Blockchain!

whitelist Free Mint

        – Mint Date: 26/12/2022

        – Mint TIme: 10 am

        – Mint Price: Free


        – Mint Date: 28/12/2022

        – Mint Time: 10 am

        – Mint Price: 0.1 sol

Homies Dao

  -Holders will be able to verify their Homies in Discord and be given access to Private channels

DAO Treasury will be established through 

         – 100% of total mint

         – 50% of secondary market profits.

  –  Some examples of how the treasury should be spent:

        – Buying Hotel Nights and cheap flights for giveaways 

        – Making Collaborations \ Events 

DAO Treasury will always be open for holders suggestion 

Phase 3

-release $Travel (SPL Utility Token)
-Introduce Staking (possible rarity based)`